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November 28, 2012

Rieker Scarlett Waterproof Winter Boot

Rieker scarlett

Dear Santa,

I know I've asked you for Uggs for five years in a row and you've never brought them. Far be it from me to question your judgment, but I wonder if you had these in mind all along? 

Santa, you know how my spirit is willing but my feet are weak. This is why dishes sit unwashed in the sink tonight along with half a to-do list left for to-morrow. A pair of beautiful warm boots with cushioned support would be just the ticket, my dear Claus. 

You know I have bunions and darling bunionettes, so a roomy toe box is a must. I also hear that Rieker features a high toe box too--more space for those darn hammertoes. I do believe you can relate to the need for comfortable boots?

And Santa, I understand the Scarlett has a removable insole. You heard the doctor tell me yesterday that I need new orthotics, so a winter boot with room to accommodate these would be wonderful. Maybe you could throw a pair of these shearling orthotics in my stocking? 

If your elves are running short on time, remember they're fairly affordable compared to other similar boots at just $150 at and Amazon.  I think Mrs. Claus would like a pair ;-)

I believe,



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Thanks for introducing me to shearling orthotics! Why did I never think of them before? Aetrex's website has 4 models with various types of support -- yippee!

Much cuter than uggs. And it's my understanding that uggs have no support and little padding under the foot.

the zappo link is not working

Appears they're sold out :(

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