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Kirsten Borrink
Kirsten Borrink

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Kirsten is passionate about finding stylish, comfortable shoes for women. In her 17 year journey with rheumatoid arthritis, she has developed pretty picky feet. Join her as she reviews and recommends stylish footwear for your "barking dogs." You can read more from Kirsten on and on Twitter.


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February 18, 2011



Nice job on the bridal shoes! I hear you on Say Yes to the Dress. I agree with you that it is the stupidest show ever, so of course my 10 year old daughter and I are completely hooked on it. I hope I'm not warping her!

I've been married twice and spent less than $1000 on both dresses combined! Granted, my second wedding was quite casual, but still.

I am commenting because I LOVE that indigo shoe in blush. I believe that would be a "nude" shoe color for me. Have you seen it in person? I may have to make a pilgrimage to the Clarks store.


My sister wore baby blue converse tennis shoes under her wedding dress...they looked super cute when she lifted her dress to show them off AND she was very comfortable. Might be a good idea, especially for a 50's inspired dress!


EEK! I'm sorry but these are just not pretty. But, I guess if the dress covers them, it's more about not suffering pain all day. It's just kind of sad, these are not exactly elegant.


So pretty! Love the Indigo Plush.


that Indigo shoe is darling;

and lets not forget about that cute bride we all learned about right here at the barking dog that wore tom's at her wedding. It was cute querky and comfy - oh and generous too.


Thanks for posting all these ideas. I would go more quirky with my footwear, but the dress is tea-length, so my shoes are going to be on serious display. Tom's really don't have the support I need, nor do Converse (which makes me sad, but c'est la vie).


I've always thought that the Naya sandals from last season -- the ones that come in white -- would be really wonderful comfortable bridal shoes. The Atwood and the Telluride (especially the latter) would look great on a retro bride, and they're currently on sale for cheap at 6pm!

Dr. Cathleen McCarthy

I love the show "Say Yes To The Dress"! My vote for the most comfortable shoe is the Naot. I will tell you that when I got married my only regret was that I didn't have a pair of sneakers hidden under the table because at some point I had to stop dancing and I wanted to keep dancing all night. I suggest that no matter what kind of dress shoe that you wear - hide a pair of comfortable sneakers (Sketcher shape-ups or Classic Spira) under the table so you can keep dancing if your feet start hurting...
Best Wishes!
Dr Cathleen A McCarthy


I wound up going with the "Fianna" by Me Too in pewter, which I found last weekend in Nordstrom. It fit great, and totally fit what I was looking for. Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions. I'll probably keep my Aravons on-site as back-up shoes, as rocker soles tend to do better by me than sneakers ever can.


Indeed finding comfortable shoes is difficult! The indigo clarks sateen looks good but I do not think any of the others are nice enough for a wedding. The Naturalizer sandal might pass though!

Caroline Coward

I got married on Nov. 2, 1013, and my #1 goal was to be comfortable in my clothes and especially my shoes. I searched high and low for both the Clarks Indigo Plush Sateens and the Rieker Federicas to no avail, but because of my searching and good ole' social networking, I happened upon the Naot Cuore:

Super comfortable, stylish and with a rubber heel and great support, these shoes carried me from ceremony through the reception. I highly recommend these shoes for your first - or next - wedding!



Good to know! That is a pretty shoe, but it's hard to find in that quartz leather--I think they may have discontinued that color...

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