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Kirsten Borrink

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Kirsten is passionate about finding stylish, comfortable shoes for women. In her 17 year journey with rheumatoid arthritis, she has developed pretty picky feet. Join her as she reviews and recommends stylish footwear for your "barking dogs." You can read more from Kirsten on and on Twitter.


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September 28, 2013



I had a set of the toe stretchers, and they really didn't work for me. After about 10 minutes, my feet started cramping. Maybe I needed to have a thinner set first, that wouldn't separate my toes quite so much?

I sent them back. Oh well.


I'm pretty excited to try these socks! When my big toe joint first started acting up, I thought I had a bunion. When I discovered, via my podiatrist, it was arthritis and there was really no way to "cure" it, I determined to do everything I could to stop the forward progression, to prevent the hallux limitus from becoming hallux rigidus! Danskos, never going barefoot, no heels (ever) have all helped -- as did rolling up a small sock and putting it between my big toe and second toe every night while watching TV. That stretch made a huge difference in my comfort level (even thought my doctor kind of pooh-poohed the idea). I think the Happy Feet socks are going to absolutely help and can't wait to get started -- thank you for the product review!


I bought the gel toe stretchers several years ago at a drugstore after my physical therapy told me to stretch out my toes. I wear size 8 and have pretty long toes, but they are a little tricky to put on, but not a huge deal. I do get some cramping, but the instructions say to build up to longer wear, so I think that could be mitigated. I don't know how much difference they really make in the long run, but it feels pretty good when they're on.

I haven't tried the socks, but I think they would probably be good for people will shorter toes and might be a little easier to get on.

RE bunionectomy: I got talked into one several years ago (hence the physical therapy). I had complications and it was not particularly successful. I'm not saying never have one, but if you don't have to, good for you. I think a combination of better advice about shoes and physical therapy would have significantly decreased my problems.

Bonnie Lou

YogaToes brand is more expensive, but they do have sizes - from XS for those under size 7, to large for those greater than 11. I have used them for years -- prescribed for me by my physiatrist. He has me do 'toe crunches' with them to help strengthen my feet. I have RA as well, and my feet are still in pretty good shape. They are a pain to put on and they are not comfortable to wear, but they will help your feet function better. Give them a try.


Well I too have happy feet - thanks to "happy Feet" socks (and "Nighttime Bunion Regulators"). The cramping happens to me too, I have assumed this is because they are redirecting my toe alignment, and I have stubborn toes.
I would suggest wearing for short periods of time a first, and not walking at all with them on. Put them on for your favorite TV show, prop those tootsies up and chill. I use the 'Happy Feet" most and reserve the 'Bunion Regulator' for really bad foot days. I have yet to wear them through the night, a couple hours is the max for me.

Now about those bunionectomies: I had one for each foot in the early 80's as a college student. I must have had great surgeons because the pain relief was immediate - like no pain meds in the hospital post surgery. I felt sooooo much better.
That said if you can stop pain with out a huge MD and hospital bill go for it. My left foot toes are now getting a bit off kilter (this was the worst foot back in the day too) - hence the odd TV watching foot apparel.

I may never have pretty feet, but I will keep them Happy!


This has reminded me that I really do need to find toe stretchers that I like. The majority of the RA damage I have is in my feet and I've been slowly working on my foot flexibility through yoga. I have a long way to go, but I do think I'm making progress. I have to wear heals at work, but I too have switched to wide toe boxes (Miz Mooz are my favorites).


Hi Erica,

I want to ask you about yoga. I'd love to try it, but have had a shoulder replacement and can only raise my arm half way and my wrists are painful too. Do you do a lot of supporting body weight with hands in some of those yoga moves? I truly need to work on flexibility but afraid I'll hurt myself.

Which Miz Mooz do you like?

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