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Kirsten Borrink
Kirsten Borrink

Blogger, Wife, Mom, Dog-Lover, Coffee Drinker, Owl Watcher.

Kirsten is passionate about finding stylish, comfortable shoes for women. In her 17 year journey with rheumatoid arthritis, she has developed pretty picky feet. Join her as she reviews and recommends stylish footwear for your "barking dogs." You can read more from Kirsten on and on Twitter.


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January 14, 2014



I've had good luck with Merrell boots as well. They're low but still have a hint of a heel, wide but don't look like duck feet, accommodate my toe inserts, and are comfortable and look good. Or at least my teenage daughters say they look good, and they would be the first to tell me if I looked lousy :)


I recently purchased the Naya Abira. The insoles remove and my dress orthotics fit well. I'm a plantar faciatis suffer among other foot issues with a wide calf and a high instep. Room for both in the wide calf version. I love this boot ( bought the toffee color, but they come in black too ) just enoght heel to keep the pf happy without aggravating a problem knee.

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