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Kirsten Borrink
Kirsten Borrink

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Kirsten is passionate about finding stylish, comfortable shoes for women. In her 17 year journey with rheumatoid arthritis, she has developed pretty picky feet. Join her as she reviews and recommends stylish footwear for your "barking dogs." You can read more from Kirsten on and on Twitter.


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February 17, 2014



I'd add the Sanitas sandals for consideration -- their rocker soles are great.


I had PF for almost 2 years, and it finally went away (still gets a bit tender the odd rare time). I lived in Alegrias, and now have a dozen pairs (I have the sandals listed up top under my desk at work). I also wore Dansko clogs, and Dansko Sophie sandals although the Danskos were not as good as the Alegrias. As well, I wore a pair of Wolky Ruby with my custom hard half sole orthotics in (the ortho guy padded my orthotics with foam too so they didn't put on as much pressure. Strap on sandals were better than slip on sandals for real bad days as the sandal couldn't slide around as much. Yoga is what finally got rid of my PF, real deep stretching. I think the tendons may have been too tight on me. So...I keep doing yoga and everything is good once more. Good luck! PF can be agony.


I have RA and PF, I've yet to find a shoe I can 'live' in. Dansko and Sanita are as close as I've gotten to comfortable my question is what is with all the Mary Janes?!?! I hate them--as much as I'd like to try Alegria--the style seems to run either Mary Janes or clogs (I need a heel in my shoe)


Alegria has styles other than Mary Janes now. I have lace ups, tall boots, short boots, 2 different sandals, and sandals with heels. They have expanded their selection quite a bit over the last couple of years.


I fractured my heel five months ago, and after three months in a boot, now have PF. What a pain -- literally.

I've experimented with Dansko Thea and Tandy, Tsubo Asmik, a couple of older Dansko clogs, a pair of FitFlop suede slippers, some Teva hiking shoes, and a pair of Haflinger Snowbird slippers (indoors only). I alternate these, thinking one day my tendons will stretch out, nerves will stop being hypersensitive, bones will revert to normal, and my feet will magically go back to the way they were.

Until then, I keep trying to find the magic shoes and dream of being pain-free. I will never take walking for granted again!


I, too, love Alegria shoes--particularly the Paloma. I found that the wide sandal straps don't "breathe" well. On a trip, I happened across the Dansko Sandi. It felt GREAT in the try on. I bought it later from Zappos (cheaper), and have been able to walk, stand, and teach all day in them!


Thank you so much for your suggestions. I am going to order a few of these styles right away. Do you know if any of them are wider in the top of the foot near the bottom of the ankle this is where I get swelling. I think I am going for door number 2 and 5.
Your blog is a god send to so many of us. You have helped us find so many shoes that we otherwise would never have heard of.
Again many thanks!


I ordered the Paloma and Taylor based on this article from Zappos. I was hugely disappointed. My 17 yr daughter asked if I was wearing Frankenstein shoes. They were really ugly IMHO. They might be comfortable but until they come up with something more stylish--I'll have to pass and keep wearing my Dansko. And while Dansko might not be the most stylish thing in the world at least my 17 yr old I will be seen in public with me!


PS. Re the Naot Chianti pictured above -- it's a no-brainer to see that the stitching on the innersole is going to be annoying. There were several styles like this two years ago that I tried and returned b/c of this.


I agree about the Paloma -- it is hideous, esp in larger sizes. Duck feet! However, give the Daisy sandal a try -- it's flattering and graceful.

kelly robertson notar

Rieca! I literally feel your pain and have for almost 9 years now. After many unsuccessful PF interventions, and some that actually created other problems equally as bad, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Michigan referred me to one of his medical school colleagues, Dr. Peg Chilvers, that was working on an alternative surgery/treatment. I’m in much less pain now and recovery was very minimal. I can share more details if you’d like.

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