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Kirsten Borrink
Kirsten Borrink

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Kirsten is passionate about finding stylish, comfortable shoes for women. In her 17 year journey with rheumatoid arthritis, she has developed pretty picky feet. Join her as she reviews and recommends stylish footwear for your "barking dogs." You can read more from Kirsten on and on Twitter.


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March 04, 2014



I was so excited to see this post, then I saw the shoes. I guess my search for the cute dress shoe will continue. I think my mother might like these but not me.


I'm searching too. I don't understand why Helle can't take their technology and make a more youthful looking shoe. Try Earthies?

JoM Frasca

My favorite dress sandal is expensive but totally worth it. I wore them to death last year and can't wait to wear them again this year once it warms up. I have worn them with very dressy cocktail dresses and they look great. They are like walking on clouds -- Beautifeel Helga sandal. On sale at the Walking Company.


The Helle Elske on the Zappos website has a slightly higher heel and looks more fashionable than some of the other models. Is there a reason you didn't include this one in your review?


No reason. Just didn't like the thicker straps on it ;-) I have a friend that has the lower heel styles and LOVES how they feel on her feet--she has RA as I do. I guess I was just thinking the lower, the more foot-friendly too.


I agree...these are a little too matronly for me. I would definitely look at Earthies. I have a couple pair of fashionable strappy sandals that work well for my high arches and PF. One is from Naot and the other is from Abeo. Might check out those brands.


I hope you don't mind me making some suggestions. I did some searching and Naot has really stepped up to the plate and is offering some very pretty dressier style sandals. I have the "Loop" and love it. my Abeo sandal is similar to the "Loop" style. Here are some of the ones I REALLY like from Naot:


Thanks, Theresa! I like those styles from the Avant-Garde collection from Naot--more streamlined than other styles. If you're so inclined, I'd LOVE to have you review the Loop in a post!


Sure! I needed a black strappy sandal to wear with a dress to a friend's wedding. With high arches and PF I was doubtful I would find anything suitable that I could actually wear. Naot to the rescue! The Loop worked perfectly. It has a heel height of about 2 1/4 inches, which worked well with the dress, and would also look nice with dressier pants. It has a nicely padded footbed with enough arch support to comfortably support my high arches, and a soft fabric insert in the center of the footbed. The stitching around the insert was soft enough, with small enough stitches that it wasn't an issue, and I didn't notice it while I was wearing them. I luckily don't have bunions, but for those who do the straps across the forefoot area seem to be low enough that they might not be an issue for bunions. The leather is soft and on the thinner side, and the straps across the instep have an elastic gore on both sides so it will stretch for unusually high insteps. I was able to wear these through the wedding and reception (even while dancing!) without any pain!


I can't forget to rave about my newest "shoe love" , Earthies! I now have 5 pair, 2 flats and 3 pair of wedges. I'm LOVING the styles and the fact that I don't have to use any orthotic inserts! I just received the super cute "Posy" sandal today in brown, and I'm in love! I can't wait to wear these. Sorry, I get excited when I find fashionable sandals I can wear without inserts. I can't say enough about the comfort and cute styles they are coming out with. :-)


This is fabulous, Theresa! I really love the look of the Naot Loop and so glad they work for your high arches and PF! I will circulate this info in a post :-) ThANK yOU!


You ARE the comfort shoe maven....


Hi Kirsten!
Just one more option to mention. If you like the look of the Naot Loop, you will probably like the Abeo sandal that looks very much like it. I actually think the Abeo sandal has a slightly more pronounced arch support, and is even a little more comfortable than the Loop. :-)

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